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Bridging the gap between artists and business.

Forget the stereotype that artists are either starving or chasing success through fame. From photographers and painters to musicians and writers, artists around the globe pursue their passions and make a living doing what they love. Take a look at the success stories of the professionals below!

As more artists are developing sustainable careers in the ARTS, the landscape has become more competitive.  We give professionals a competitive advantage by educating artists on the business of ARTS.

Now featured - Artist Business Plan

Building Your Professional Artistic Career

Start your Artist Business Plan. Design feasible plans and fruitful actions that will propel your artistic career forward.

What often goes unnoticed in the struggle to “make a living” from doing creative work is the responsibility to be both artist and entrepreneur.
Not only do you spend your energy and time developing your talents, finding inspiration, and working as an artist, but as a freelancer you are also required to run a business. Imagine!

Successful businesses make plans, set goals, and take action.
If you have expectations of having a successful career as a professional artist you will have to do the same.
As a small business, you, and only you, are the Artistic Director of your creative destiny.

Arts Meet Bizness has created a series of three short exercises to help get you started. These exercises utilize traditional business practices, and are modified with the creative professional in mind. Download them now.  Follow our blog for more helpful resources.

1. Unique Artist DescriptionKnowing your business and what you want from your career   download
2. Time & MoneyUnderstanding your most valuable resources  download
3. Road Map to SuccessSetting a framework of actionable steps  download

Reach for your star.
Continue to dream big,
And allow this year’s actions to ensure that you live the life you imagine!


Through collaboration with our professional arts communities we are able to empower seasoned professionals to take the lead, educate pre-professional artists on the business of ARTS, and inspire young artists to follow their dreams. Learn more - Contact us at info@artsmeetbizness.com


"Creative Think Tanks" allow professional artists to engage in proactive brainstorming sessions to develop positive change in our evolving creative industries.


Workshops & Expert Talks on ARTS 'bizness' for professional and pre-professional artists who are invested in their careers.


Opportunities for professional artists to connect, share, and further develop their careers. Salons. Socials. Festivals.


Facts, opinions, experience, and speculation.  Conversation Starters & Guidance Tools


  • "...it is the arts that give meaning to our existence on this planet, whether as artistic creators or consumers."

    David Lawrence, Conductor

  • I do what I love and I am making a connection with the people who buy my work.”

    Didier Lourenço, Painter

  • "Work hard towards your goal and stand up for what you are worth."

    Jennifer Kovacs, Dancer/Aerialist

I Am. I Dream. I Do.

We aim to raise the profile of professional artists and careers in the ARTS by sharing your success stories.

“Just in the United States alone, 702,771 businesses are involved in the creation or distribution of the arts, and they employ 2.9 million people. This represents 3.9 percent of all U.S. businesses and 1.9 percent of all U.S. employees—demonstrating statistically that the arts are a formidable business presence and broadly distributed across our communities.”  – Americans for the Arts,  Creative Industries Report. Jan. 2015

Countries around the globe share similar statistics. Help us raise the profile of professional artists by putting faces to the numbers. As more people learn what is possible, the greater the opportunity we will have to grow our artistic community, and shatter the stereotype that being an artist and making a living are mutually exclusive.

If you are a professional artist earning your living in a career in the ARTS, we invite you to share your story. #IAmIDreamIDo

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Holly Blondin

“By educating artists about the business side of their craft, we can grow artists that work smarter and develop successful careers more quickly. This shift in mentality will open doors for artists in the long run to spend more time doing what they love, which is creating!”

Holly Blondin is no novice to the challenges that pursing a professional career in the arts presents. As a young child she was enrolled in dance, theatre, and voice classes and loved creative writing. This led to a professional career in musical theatre, which she later left to pursue design. She started a small greeting card business, and then earned an MBA in entrepreneurship and marketing so she could build a company that gave back to the arts. Arts Meet Bizness was born.

BFA & MBA, Blondin also supports education, and is an adjunct professor at Parsons The New School for Design helping to develop the Design Thinkers of tomorrow.


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