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In times of uncertainty and transformation the world needs your ideas. Owning the creative process and growing comfortable with ambiguity can help launch you into action the next time you find yourself sitting on a good idea. The Arts Meet Bizness interactive workshops & programs are founded in creative methodologies that allow you to practice, and apply, what you learn so you can explore new territory and make change.

Entrepreneurs, social innovators, community & business leaders, creative professionals, and educators can all benefit from engaging in creative experiences that exercise the imagination, and push you out of your comfort zone.

Allow yourself to enjoy the journey to innovation.

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Creative Methods

Why Creativity

Developing a creative practice opens the door to exploration and connection, which ultimately results in stronger emotional intelligence and greater ease when contributing your ideas in collaboration with teammates and co-designers.

Master Classes

Creative Learning

These techniques & methodologies founded in creative process will grow your capacity to think in new ways and do things differently.


Necessary to invention & creativity. Take time out from collaboration to make sense of stimuli, connect the dots, and turn on new lightbulbs.


Creative writing tools help us journey through reflection. Using these tools is a first step to moving your ideas from thought to action.


Breathe life into your ideas through prototyping. Test your ideas before making big investments. Understand what works and what does not work.


Simple theatre exercises help you feel comfortable in your own skin, and foster team collaboration. Also used as a method for exploring new ideas and bringing ideas into action.

Intensive Workshops

These sets of intensive 2-hour workshops in Storytelling & Design Thinking help you grow your creative confidence for more powerful & effective innovation.  Collaborate with likeminded people, breathe life into your ideas through prototyping, and shed your fears and doubts through body movement and theatre exercises.


Communicate your ideas with confidence

  • Develop a Clear and Concise Message
  • Build Stage Confidence
  • Connect with Your Audience
  • Perfect your 1-minute elevator pitch

Design Thinking

Creative Process for Innovation

  • Design Thinking Introduction
  • Design Thinking Crash Course
  • Elements of Innovation
  • Scenario Planning

1-Week Program

Apply design thinking to real-life problems

  • Design Thinking: Four 2-hr sessions
  • Elements of Innovation: Four 1-hr sessions
  • Storytelling: Four 1-hr sessions
  • Team Collaboration: Three 1.5-hr sessions
  • Final Presentations: Share design solutions and elevator pitches


Looking forward to connecting and collaborating with you. If you are registering for a current workshop, please be sure to send your email, phone, and a brief message explaining the workshop you are registering for. Thank you! Holly will reply as soon as possible. We can also connect on Facebook & Twitter.

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  • "Holly is a remarkable, transformative force in the world of design!"

    Former student, Parsons School of Design, MS Strategic Design & Management Graduate '15

  • "An extraordinarily gifted teacher."

    Dean of the School of Business at Long Island University, Brooklyn

  • "In Holly's Scenario Planning course the vision inside of me came to life."

    Entrepreneur, Participant of Entrepreneurship + Innovation Summer Program '17, Long Island University Brooklyn Entrepreneurship Center