Meet Your Instructor

Holly Blondin

I love being an educator of the founded creative methodologies of Design Thinking & Scenario Planning, and I enjoy using my professional theatre background to inspire students to share their stories with more confidence. When I am teaching people new techniques for activating their ideas and exercising their imaginations I witness the joy that people have when they discover an entire world of new possibilities. Whether it be in business, arts & culture, or higher education, I continue to observe the positive effects that the practice of the creative process has on people, businesses, and communities.

My Story.  I was raised in Flint, Michigan, where I first learned about entrepreneurship and creativity from my father, a carpenter, who has been running his family business for over 40 years. I come from a large family of creatives, and I don’t remember a time when the creative process was not a part of my life. My most important life lessons and skills were learned during my youth studying ballet, theatre, music, and creative writing. I didn’t know it at the time, but through the arts I was also developing life skills in problem solving and interpersonal communication, and growing my abilities to easily generate solutions and possibility in the face of change and challenge. A nice toolbox to have when I moved to New York City in ’97. Since then, I have been working and collaborating with a plethora of entrepreneurs and creative professionals.

Barcelona, Spain is home for me now. I live here with my artist husband, the painter. Coming from a place like NYC, I thought it would be impossible to find anywhere else as inspiring. But, after five adventurous years, I have discovered Barcelona to be a playground of authentic creativity, artistry, and design. Imagine the possibilities!

Entrepreneurship, Design, Marketing & Branding, Professional Musical Theatre Performance

M.B.A. Marketing & Entrepreneurship Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business NYC

B.F.A. Musical Theatre Performance Western Michigan University


The Professional

Barcelona, New York City

Guiding entrepreneurs, designers, and artists from ideas to implementation.

Parsons School of Design, NYC Strategic Design & Management (MS); Parsons Paris for PUIG

Long Island University Brooklyn – Entrepreneurship Center + Innovation

EU Business School Barcelona Guest Lecturer


The Educator

Professor, Innovation Facilitator, Storyteller

The only thing I love more than education is dance & theatre! When I am not teaching you will find me hanging out with my artist husband the painter, or with my ‘Creative Ladies of Barcelona’. I find sanctuary in writing, reading, yoga, ballet, pilates, art museums and my cactus garden. Coffee Lover, Arts Advocate, Community Builder


The Person

The Extroverted Introvert