In Development

Arts Meet Bizness at Fabra i Coats – Art Factory Barcelona…‘The Creative Experience Project’

As a Cultural Initiative Resident at Fabra i Coats, Arts Meet Bizness has begun a new journey with its next project.  Now in development, ‘The Creative Experience Project’ is a deep exploration of the ultimate power of creative process, and the cultural impact that can be made with more effective use of our imaginations.

The vision of the project is to develop an educational program in which the combined use of creative space and the techniques used by artists from various arts disciplines can open a portal for thought, connectedness, creation, and expression. The intensive program expects to combine techniques from music, theatre, art, creative writing, and dance into the creation of a new methodology.

The final objective of  the Creative Experience Program is to make a cultural impact by raising the bar of emotional intelligence of individuals to prepare us for the future, and to introduce new methods for developing stronger communities.

Development began in April 2018. Arts Meet Bizness expects to launch the final program to the public in November 2018.

Learn more on how you can become involved. Contact Holly at: