Building Your Professional Artistic Career

Start your Artist Business Plan. Design feasible plans and fruitful actions that will propel your artistic career forward.

What often goes unnoticed in the struggle to “make a living” from doing creative work is the responsibility to be both artist and entrepreneur.
Not only do you spend your energy and time developing your talents, finding inspiration, and working as an artist, but as a freelancer you are also required to run a business. Imagine!

Successful businesses make plans, set goals, and take action.
If you have expectations of having a successful career as a professional artist you will have to do the same.
As a small business, you, and only you, are the Artistic Director of your creative destiny.

Arts Meet Bizness has created a series of three short exercises to help get you started. These exercises utilize traditional business practices, and are modified with the creative professional in mind. Download them now.  Follow our blog for more helpful resources.

1. Unique Artist DescriptionKnowing your business and what you want from your career   download
2. Time & MoneyUnderstanding your most valuable resources  download
3. Road Map to SuccessSetting a framework of actionable steps  download

Reach for your star.
Continue to dream big,
And allow this year’s actions to ensure that you live the life you imagine!