I Am. I Dream. I Do.

We aim to raise the profile of professional artists and careers in the ARTS by sharing your success stories.

“Just in the United States alone, 702,771 businesses are involved in the creation or distribution of the arts, and they employ 2.9 million people. This represents 3.9 percent of all U.S. businesses and 1.9 percent of all U.S. employees—demonstrating statistically that the arts are a formidable business presence and broadly distributed across our communities.”  – Americans for the Arts,  Creative Industries Report. Jan. 2015

Countries around the globe share similar statistics. Help us raise the profile of professional artists by putting faces to the numbers. As more people learn what is possible, the greater the opportunity we will have to grow our artistic community, and shatter the stereotype that being an artist and making a living are mutually exclusive.

If you are a professional artist earning your living in a career in the ARTS, we invite you to share your story. #IAmIDreamIDo

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