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An Artist Business Plan is about committing to the ‘Do’

Written by Holly Blondin, Founder of Arts Meet Bizness

Making a living as an artist is a lot of hard work
, and we often take for granted that being a creative professional also means being an entrepreneur. Managing your career decisions, in addition to making creative decisions, means being the CEO of your own small business. Or, think of it as being the Artistic Director of your own creative destiny.

Big or small, every successful business develops a business plan at some point. You don’t have to be a business professional to do this effectively. In fact, developing a plan is really just about making the commitment to do the work that will move your artistic career forward. Business plans include setting goals, taking actionable steps to meet business objectives, and creating milestones as a way to measure your success along the way.

A part of your Artist’s Business Plan is creating a Unique Artist Description, which involves understanding yourself, your business, and, most importantly, understanding how what you do “fits” into the world around you. What is happening in your creative industry? Are you using obsolete practices to go after your dreams? Are you following the crowd when you should be blazing a trail?

There are no rules on the road less travelled, and sometimes you don’t “fit” because you are the one responsible for leading and creating the future.

Of course, writing a plan cannot predict the future or ensure your success. And truthfully, there isn’t any one thing, no ‘silver bullet’, or piece of advice out there that delivers your success on a silver platter.

What creating a Unique Artist Description and Artist Business Plan does say is, “ I believe in my work as an artist, my dreams have value, and I can make them a reality. I commit to doing the work.”

Follow these helpful exercises to build your own Artist Business Plan, and start committing to the ‘do’.

1. Unique Artist Description – Knowing your business and what you want from your career  Begin Now
2. Time & Money – Understanding your most valuable resources Begin Now
3. Road Map to Success – Setting a framework of actionable steps Begin Now

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