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7 Reasons Why Your Work As An Artist Matters

Written by Holly Blondin, Founder of Arts Meet Bizness


1.  You Are Worth $2.25 trillion 

Your work is significant to the world economy, and it has been proven. If you work in Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI), you are a part of the Creative Economy.  In 2013 the creative economy employed nearly 30 million people worldwide and generated $2.25 trillion in revenue. That is 3 percent of the world’s GDP. More, the work of CCI has an impact on other industries, like tourism and manufacturing, which also make important contributions to the world economy.

2.  Your Talents and Expertise Are Helping Shape Human Development

Studies have shown that arts learning and engagement improve behavioral and academic outcomes as well providing health benefits. Yet the arts have been cut from educational programs for over two decades. Thanks to the continuous work of arts advocates, arts educators, and researchers to prove the importance the arts have in human development, the arts are finally making a comeback in education. Education is evolving, and putting creativity and arts in the forefront. The development of programs like STEAM, which adds ‘ART’ to the STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), and the implementation of Design Thinking in K-12 programs, are making great progress in education to engage students in the benefits of arts learning. These new educational systems need innovative minds to design them, and qualified teachers to educate the students of future generations.

3.  There’s No Business Like Your Business

In the new global marketplace big businesses have become dependent on innovation in order to sustain their competitive advantage. They rely heavily on creative teams for innovation. The field of design has especially taken a leading role in this transformation. In recent years there has been a race by Fortune 500 companies to acquire design firms and leading creative talent, and build their own in-house design teams. Bottom line: Big Businesses need creative minds. And that means more employment opportunities for artists.

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